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Also Known As: samgwangbilla yeonindeul . The Lovers of Samkwang Villa . Samgwang Villa Lovers . samkwangbilla yeonindeul . The Lovers of Samgwang Villa . Oh! Samgwangvilla . Oh! Samkwang Villa . 삼광빌라 연인들 . o!samkwangbilla . Oh! Samgwang Villa . Love Blooming House . Hometown Love Story .
15+ - Teens 15 or older

Three families live under one roof at a boarding house called Samgwang Villa. Sun Jeong's family lives a pure and simple life and doesn't have a lot of money. Jung Hoo's family is rich but is far from peaceful. Jung Won's family looks perfect from the

outside but is actually quite rocky. Others join these families at Samgwang Villa, each with their own stories. What is the meaning of family in this

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