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Also Known As: Camellia Blooms . When Camellia Blooms . Dongbaekggoch Pil Muryeob . Dongbaekkkot pil muryeop . Dong-baek-ggoch pil mu-ryeob . Dongbaek-kkot pil muryeop . Dongbaekkkot pil mooryeob .
15+ - Teens 15 or older

Dong Baek is a single mother living in the small town of Ongsan. She runs the bar-restaurant Camellia, while also taking care of her son Pil Gu. The people of Ongsan frequently gossip about Dong Baek. She grew up as an orphan, is a single mother and

runs a bar where many of the men in Ongsan frequent. Regardless of what the locals may whisper about Dong Baek, local police officer Hwang

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