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Also Known As: Как искусство сотворило мир . Világteremtő művészet . Η δύναμη της τέχνης . Pos i tehni eplase ton kosmo . I dynami tis tehnis .

As part of BBC’s agenda to generate public awareness about art history's relevance to contemporary culture, the documentary series How Art Made the World is a landmark. Host Dr. Nigel Spivey, a Classical Archaeology professor from Cambridge, asserts,

over five episodes, that not only have cultures thrived according to their abilities to communicate visually, but also that, though art, we can historically trace human needs and desires because our minds drive us to create images. Questioning how and why art influences society, Spivey employs art criticism, archaeology, political theory, and anthropology in order to posit theories in each hour-long segment. Stream or Download now at GotyTV.

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